Sensory reality

Sensory Reality (SR) applications will become a part of our life. With the SENSIKS. sensory reality pod various experiences can be simulated. It is possible to recall memories from the past, to create new stress reducing events or present experiences that provoke a euphoric state of mind.

SENSIKS. is giving the idea of reality a whole new dimension

SENSIKS. introduces the Sensory Reality Pod (SRP)

in which audio-visual experiences are synchronised with scent, temperature, air flow, tremble, taste and light frequencies. By stimulating all senses simultaneously and connecting them to a harmonious integral experience your brain will be activated on multiple points. It makes you feel that you really are in the experience.

Our product is a multi sensory experience cabin, accompanied by a platform for the development of experiences and the distribution of these sensory experience productions.

Sensory Reality is applied in:

+ Wellness, hotels, airports, cruiselines, offices
+ Relaxation & stress + reduction
+ Mental care (e.g. treatment of dementia, PTSD, autism, brain damage)
+ Holidays, travel, leisure
+ Retail, online shopping
+ Education & Training
+ Home Entertainment
+ Brand Entertainment & Marketing (consumer brand experiences)
+ Interactive Gaming

Sensory reality:
immersive mixed reality

We position the new category 'Sensory Realit'y next to 'Virtual Reality' and 'Augmented Reality' in the Reality Matrix of DIGI Capital.

Who are we?

We are SENSIKS. A group of 12 persons, combining distinctive knowledge, characters and competences to make impact on the human well being. We mix an entrepreneurial drive with technological experiments, science and creativity. We are a start up with a global ambition. In the fall of 2016, after 38 months of developments, testing, adjustments and feeding in new domains of science and knowledge we presented the first fully operational Sensory Reality Pod.

We are grateful to all the partners who believed in our mission and who were crucial in finding the right directions and functionality of our product and business model.


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